A Beer-y Happy Birthday

It was Sidharth's 30th birthday. And being a beer lover, what better theme than having a Beer Birthday for him. So of course the invites had to be 'beer bottles'. I designed the invitation as labels of beer bottles. Got the pints from home/ piyakkar friends/ kabari wala. Washed and cleaned them, did some cutting and pasting. Threw in some confetti and colourful thermacol balls to add to the fun. And im done!

To add to the theme, i designed a 'beer mug' as a birthday cake, with beer pouring into it. It was a little difficult to make, but if you have the right friends who are into the cake making business, you are sorted.

Get some 'beer-shaped' shaped stuff like balloons, goggles, coasters, and LOADS of beer.
And you're party is ready to rock!

My own: Save the Date

I had created a cartoon of me and the husband, from the time of our engagement (scroll way down to see). And decided to take it forward as our wedding icon. I changed the clothes a little, just adding the dupatta on me and the paghri / turban on him. And made our Save the Date!

My own: Wedding invitation for friends

I put on wedding attire to the existing cartoon of us (scroll down to see, Engagement card). And created a fan-fold card for friends, which had 'our story' in cute bullets. We put the card along with some chocolates/toffees in a little golden pouch. So friends had a cool card (with our story) and chocolates (as sweet, which which is supposed to be given with wedding invitations) in a golden pouch (some bling to add the wedding feel). They were thrilled. And im hoping no one will throw our card away :-D

My own: Reception Invite

Taking 'our' cartoon ahead. I added a paisley to add the Indian-ness to it. And kept it short and simple, yet memorable

My own: Traditional wedding card

The traditional one... We kept it simple and had an electro-plating done for our initials.

Atlantic Story

Mr. Rishi Kant saw my blog and contacted us. He wanted a typical traditional card but with an idea, for his nephew. The groom was based in the U.S and the girl was in U.K. So this was an across the Atlantic story. We made an actual 3 times folding card. The first layer being transparent on which just the boats and water were printed. The second layer revealing the full form of the bride and groom and their story. And the third, on which the typical traditional invitation was printed.


Ruchika Singh, daughter of a Doctor, was getting engaged to Rohit. She is the mushy romantic kinds, so we made the invite like a pinkish prescription, with the classical proposal on the knee and replaced the 'Rx' to 'Rr' for Ruchika & Rohit. Even the copy was crafted accordingly. And the colors were as per her engagement theme.

Copy: Antara Banerjee Gupta


Antara Banerjee referred her friend, Swadha to contact me for her wedding invite. Swadha's story was interesting and filmy. She met her beau (now husband) on shaadi.com, and they fell in love. Only to find out that they used to be neighbors and childhood buddies, as kids. So her e-invite had to be inspired by shaadi.com. Both are as cute as baby elephants and she referred to her husband's Safari as haathi. Plus she wanted it to feature on the card. So we married all of it to make this funny little emailer.

My own: engagement

I made my own engagement card. And used cartoonish illustrations of us, with details in our specks. As our similar looking frames is a joke in our group! The card looked so cute, that we even got it printed. And made hand-pasted butter paper envelopes with personalized stickers. And the friends went crazy!

My own: engagement